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Devastating news for Delta Goodrem

If Delta Goodrem thought her troubles on The Voice were behind her with the departure of certain judges, unfortunately we can think again. The Aussie pop favourite is the subject of a new online hate campaign, with some viewers taking to Twitter to blast her over her theatrical antics on the hit singing competition. Drawing comment for her habit of flamboyantly dancing and striking poses as she allegedly contemplates pressing the show’s iconic buzzer, it seems the singer might be the only one having fun with the situation. ‘Would be nice if Delta could press the damn button just once without being so dramatic,’ wrote one fan. But that was light criticism compared to some other comments.

‘Either press the button or sit the F down,’ ranted one viewer on Twitter. ‘One thing that p***es me off is when Delta stands up and starts dancing. ‘It’s just a button Delta. Try and press it without the bulls**t theatrics.’ Seethed another viewer on social media: ‘She gets up, dances and acts like she’s going to hit the button and we know she most likely won’t. ‘Imagine how the artist feels up there when they see her doing that.’ The star has yet to comment on the backlash, but it is well known that she’s taken criticism from fans and judges very personally in the past. Is appearing on this show really worth the money?

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