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Selena Gomez has a ‘Fetish’ for eating weird things, rolling around on floors in new video

Selena Gomez may need to see a professional about this new Fetish.

The singer’s music video, released Wednesday, brings a whole new meaning to the word as we watch her bite into some not-so-edible objects around her house, giving us TLC’s My Strange Addiction vibes as she sings along to her summer tune, with a verse from Gucci Mane.

Her strange snacking habits in the video include biting into a bar of soap, smashing lipstick onto her teeth and sucking on a shard of a broken wine glass.

We also see her use a eyelash curler on her tongue as well as tie a piece of string around it — looks like she’s sticking to a mouth focused-theme like she did for her sensual audio video for the track.

The vintage-looking wardrobe and props in the video also remind us of Lana Del Rey’s signature retro style. Perhaps Gomez is the newest follower of the witchy trend? It sure seems like she’s trying to summon some spirits (or is possessed by them) in the video as we see her make a mess in her kitchen and sit at a goblet and candle-filled dining table as it starts to rain inside her house.

Like in her Good For You music video, she also spends a good amount of time rolling around on the floor. Somehow, the video still finds a connection to the song’s lyrics, which hint at unrequited love. “You got a fetish for my love/I push you out and you come right back,” she sings.

But in Selena’s case, her guilty pleasure seems to be less about love and more about her interesting food choices.

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