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Former Playboy model Lee Pani shares what she learned from her first nude photoshoot

The model-turned-actress sat down for an interview with ‘International bnt’ after a photo shoot, where she posed in simple yet sexy outfits of denim, oversized shirt, and more.

Lee Pani looked back at her younger days and revealed she struggled a lot after her parents divorced. At the young age of 16, Lee Pani was left alone and desperately searched for a way to survive. She explained, “I had a very difficult life so becoming a model wasn’t my initial dream. I coincidentally ran into an ad online, stating, ‘You, too, can become a Playboy model’ and the prize money of 10,000,000 KRW (9,400 USD) stood out to me. That’s how I came to try out for Playboy model.”

At the age of 19, Lee Pani took first place at the Playboy model contest. Regarding this, she commented, “Back then, I think I really worked hard to just live. I had my first nude photoshoot, and I had to take off everything and only wear a tiny vest. I was very scared but the director and about 100 staff members also started taking off their pieces of clothing for me. That’s when I realized the professionalism I need to have as a model.”

Now, a mother of two, Lee Pani said, “I’m more fond of not just my kids but children in general because I had a difficult and poor childhood. I dream of having a third child and adopting two more and taking care of them with sincere love.”

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