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Miley Cyrus ‘Furious’ With Lil Xan For Betraying Her Sister Noah: Will She Confront Him?

Lil Xan won’t be getting birthday wishes from Miley Cyrus today, because she thinks what he’s done is ‘unforgiveable,’ HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Find out why!

Miley Cyrus, 25, isn’t too happy with how Lil Xan, 22, has been acting, we’ve learned! Xan — real name Diego Leanos — trashed the Cyrus family and ex-girlfriend Noah, 18, even more, in an Instagram Live session on Sept. 5. He ranted that Noah uses “rappers to get features off people,” on top of other accusations he made in past days. “Miley is furious with Lil Xan, the way he’s treated Noah has been unforgivable. It breaks Miley’s heart to see Noah cry,” a friend of Miley’s shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. Noah let the world watch her water works, live, on Instagram following her split with Xan on Sept. 3. He supposedly blindsided her with a breakup, then posted some eyebrow-raising screenshots, which you can check out in the gallery above. Our source adds, “Miley had her worries when Noah started dating Lil Xan and he’s pretty much proven every single one of her fears right.”

“Lil Xan cheated on Noah and then when she busted him, he tried to turn it around on her and make her the bad guy,” Miley’s friend continues. She’s referring to the alleged hickey that surfaced on Xan’s neck, which Noah claims he received on Sept. 1, when they were still together. Noah’s friend and the woman who allegedly gave him the hickey (she posted a selfie with the “Betrayed” rapper on Sept. 1) even owned up to the act. She wrote an apologetic DM, which Noah re-posted from a fan account to her Instagram Story on Sept. 5. This retort comes after Xan originally suggested that Noah wasn’t entirely loyal, posting a picture of her and DJ Ookay together to his Instagram Story on Sept. 3. “It’s just sickening the way he’s tried to manipulate Noah and mess with her mind. And he hasn’t just betrayed Noah either, he’s betrayed the whole family,” Miley’s friend goes on. “They all welcomed him with open arms and gave him every benefit and now he’s turned around and and treated Noah like garbage.”

As angry as the “Malibu” singer is, don’t expect a social media call-out. “Miley would love to get him alone and confront him for the way he’s hurt her little sister but it’s just not worth it. She knows that’s only going to give him more crap to talk about on social media. Miley’s decided the best thing to do is to help Noah heal and remind her that she’s better off without someone that would treat her this badly,” her friend explains. Ironically, Miley had already prepped her little ‘sis to brace herself for the “haters and online trolls,” a source close to Miley EXCLUSIVELY shared with us on Aug. 2. Who knew Xan would be on of them! On an awkward note, happy birthday, Lil Xan — you got a very publicized feud to kick off a new year!


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