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 News … Scarlett Johansson Visits Jimmy Kimmel, Goes To The Prom More … 
May 4th 2012

Making a final promotional appearance on the eve of her movie’s theatrical debut, Scarlett Johansson turned up at ABC Studios in Hollywood for ” Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday (May 3). The blonde beauty chatted with Kimmel about a range of topics including the fact that she’d just gotten a star on the Walk of Fame and her superhero film “The Avengers”.

Asked about receiving a place in Tinseltown history, Scarlett said, “Yeah, I got it just yesterday. It’s right across the street actually.” Continuing on, the 27-year-old dished, “My family came. My grandmother was there, my mom came. And my grandmother, I flew her from New York and she’s, first of all, she’ll be 90 year old this year and she was like, ‘Oh, I could really use a couple of days away.’ And I’m like, ‘From what?’”

“But she came out and she was so excited and everything. And, of course, you know I gave her a little nod and everything during the speech and I was so happy to have her there and she was so proud!” a beaming Miss Johansson added. Wrapping up her visit with a skit in which she was asked to be Jimmy’s prom date since he didn’t attend the high school event, Scarlett soon after hit the studio’s exit while commendably taking time to say hello to all the fans who waited to see her as she departed.


how long will all of this last?

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