Taylor Swift Accidentally Unzips Her Bodysuit At Australia Concert — Watch Her ‘Oops’

Oops! Taylor Swift unzipped the wrong part of her costume during a stop on her ‘Reputation’ tour and her reaction to the wardrobe malfunction was AMAZING. Watch the funny clip here!

Taylor Swift can even make a wardrobe malfunction during a concert seem endearing. The 28-year-old singer was changing her look to perform “King Of My Heart” during a show in Australia on her Reputation tour when she realized the front of her bodysuit was unzipped, revealing a black tank top underneath. In footage taken by a fan, Taylor can be seen mouthing “Oops!” as she quickly zips the suit back up before smiling at the crowd.

Naturally Taylor’s fans couldn’t get over how perfectly she handled the situation. “SHE UNZIPPED THE WRONG BODY SUIT AND MOUTHED OOPS I’D SO DIE FOR HER,” @styleswift tweeted. “SHES SO CUTE MY HEART,” wrote @simpaticostyles. Another fan, @stateofhaunted, tweeted, “her little “oops” after she realizes her zipper is down on her KOMH costume JDDNDM i love her.”