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Miley Cyrus Will Be Keeping All of Her Pet Babies After the Liam Hemsworth Divorce, TYVM

Soooooo, it’s kinda safe to say that a whole lot has happened since Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce from the ex-love of his life, Miley Cyrus. I don’t know about y’all, but I was absolutely devastated, and I’m talking re-watching The Last Song, obsessively reading their epic decade-long relationship timeline kind of devastated when the divorce news hit the internet.
Since then, there was a HUGE Miley Twitter rant about how she didn’t cheat on Liam, which was another major thing everyone needed to process! But in the aftermath of the Twitter rant read ’round the world, we’re getting another update on where things stand in Liam and Miley’s divorce. Not yay.

TMZ is now reporting that Miley will get to keep all of the children pets that she used to share with Liam once the divorce is finalized. In case you forgot exactly how many pets Miley and Liam had together (I can’t blame you, TBH), allow me to break it down for ya. They had:

  • seven dogs,
  • three cats,
  • two horses,
  • two mini horses (ponies??), and
  • one pig

Basically, Miley and Liam had their own mini zoo of animals running around, and it was really adorable.


What you see what you get!
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