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Spenser Confidential Is Netflix’s Most-Watched Film

Since its release on Netflix last week, Spenser Confidential has topped the streaming service’s top 10 most-watched films.

You’d think – judging from its consistent number one spot – the film must be doing something right, whether that’s an enthralling plot, an A-list cast, or something else entirely.

Usually, when a film is rated as Rotten there’s a reason for it. In this case, it’s apparently because it’s ‘joyless and messy’, ‘crap’, ‘aggressively bad on almost every conceivable front’, and ‘an ego-stroking exercise’ for director Peter Berg and lead actor Wahlberg.

Oh, and let’s not forget one particularly brutal review, which called into question whether the creator of the iconic Spenser character – American mystery writer Robert B. Parker – would even like this recreation.


What you see what you get!
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