Women’s Day Special: 7 Bollywood Actress’ Who Command All Your Attention!

It’s the occasion of International Women’s Day today on March 8, 2019 and the whole world celebrates their achievements and victories. Also, our very own Bollywood actresses have achieved the impossible and have successfully crossed the Rs 100 crore mark at the box office and carved a name for themselves in the industry. We present you, seven actresses who won the audience’s hearts by their sheer talents and without these ladies, Bollywood would have been a dull place. Check them out below…

Deepika Padukone: Right from her debut alongside Shahrukh Khan in Om Shanti Om in 2007, she’s been right on top and leading the pack ever since. Majority of her movies have roared at the box office and she has a sea of fan following that never ceases to exist. Deepika Padukone has surely come a long way in Bollywood and made us all proud of her achievements.

Priyanka Chopra After ruling Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra set foot in Hollywood and her whole life changed for the good. She’s the proof that through sheer hard work and talent, anything can be possible in life and Priyanka is an inspiration to millions of Indians who dream of making somethig with their lives. PeeCee has been there and done that and shows us the way.

Kareena Kapoor Nobody can carry the amount of attitude and style that Kareena Kapoor carries and that’s a fact. She’s a self-made woman who lives life on her own terms and does what she wants and says what she wants without the fear of being judged. From both professional and family point of view, Kareena Kapoor balances the ball really well and wins on both fronts.v
Alia Bhatt: The young and bubbly Alia Bhatt made it in Bollywood in a very short period of time. Though she was once touted and poked fun at a few years ago, she bounced back with a bang and now rules the lot. The decisions she made and the roles she selected shows her grit and character and is strong on all fronts, despite having a cute baby-like face.

Kangana Ranaut You may like her or hate her, but you definetely cannot ignore her. Kangana Ranaut is the only actress who had the guts to lock horns with the biggies of Bollywood and take them head-on with issues concering the industry. Despite all of this, she has thrived and survived and is considered as one of the boldest actresses today. Nobody dares to mess with Kangana Ranaut, that’s for sure.

Katrina Kaif From dance to acting and fashion, Katrina Kaif can carry all of these with utmost ease and is one of the most sought-after actresses at the moment. She always has movies up her sleeve at any point of time and is a busy bee all throughout the year. Despite it all, she never tires down but always punches hard and delivers the best.