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‘Annabelle In Quarantine’: When Everyone Is Away, The Evil Doll Plays On The Warner Bros Lot – Watch


The Warner Bros. Burbank, CA lot has been a ghost town for the last four-and-half-months, with employees working from home in quarantine. But somebody left Annabelle behind, and the below video shows what happens when the evil doll is left to her own devices, all alone, in the New Line offices. Back in late July, during a “work equipment pick-up day,” three New Line employees decided to have some fun with this femme movie prop and made this short, Annabelle in Quarantine, about the evil doll’s shenanigans while everyone has been away. The doll has been on fixture at the New Line offices, moving around various work stations during pre-COVID-19 times. Two of the New Line employees shot the movie on their iPhone (yes, in face masks with social distancing), while a third directed remotely by FaceTime.

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