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Sara Ali Khan shares pics with brother Ibrahim to show their ‘post Rakhi vibes’, see them here


Actor Sara Ali Khan’s penchant to write in rhyming verse was up for display on Thursday too as she shared some pictures with her brother Ibrahim. She also informed how she had to bribe him to get him to twin with her.

She wrote: “Post Rakhi bonding vibe. To match with me i had to bribe. My younger brother- begged him to join my tribe. But his day out was fun- he says ‘I can’t describe’. To see more please like share and subscribe #doubletrouble #twinning #winning.” In two of the pictures, Ibrahim is carrying his sister on his shoulders, while in the third one, the two of them sit by the roadside, posing with their cycles. The lush greenery of the countryside with cattle grazing at the far end of one of the pictures only adds to the magic.

Sara’s love for writing in verse was visible when she shared a picture with a unicorn shared tube inside a swimming pool and wrote: “The calm before the storm… Nothing will ruin Sara or Uni’s form. Weather will change, rain will transform. We will embrace it, be ourselves and not conform.” She had also shared a poolside yoga sessio picture and another video with her brother as they pool around in the pool.

It is not clear where they are but what is evident is that they are out of Mumbai. Looks like the family is at some resort. Sara has been home for the last few months with her mother Amrita Singh and Ibrahim. Last month, she had also shared the news that her driver tested positive for the coronavirus.

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